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Stay | Mikasa x Fem!Reader
Warning, may be triggering for certain individuals.
Mikasa gave you a soft kiss on your lips, trying to comfort you. You flinched and looked away, hoping your parents haven't seen her do that. She sighed, and held your hands with hers. 
"[your name], it's going to be all right. We are gonna go in there, and tell them. I'll stay by you the whole time," she murmured and tightened her grip on your hand. You tried to smile, but failed. Your heart was beating too fast by the anxiety and fear of going inside your own home. With Mikasa.
"Mikasa," you looked at her eyes, " you really love me?"  She sadly smiled, and caressed the [hair color] locks behind your ears. 
"Yes, yes I do," she kissed your forehead, "you are the most beautiful thing in my life, remember what I said," you sighed.
"Mikasa, are you sure you want to do this? I mean, my parents are, you know...not approving," Mikasa rolled her eyes.
"Who cares? They need to know by now, we've been together f
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Snk OC - Marlene Bauer by FadingSmile2000 Snk OC - Marlene Bauer :iconfadingsmile2000:FadingSmile2000 5 8
Count on me|Punk!Levi x Bullied!Reader-Part 1
When the lunch bell rang, your palms began to sweat and anxiety began rushing in. The library was closed for the next few days, and that's the place you would rely on not having to be on the hell hole known as the cafeteria.
While you were thinikng, a group of girls walked up to you, and smiled.
"Hey [your name], we were wondering If you wanna sit with us at lunch today! So what do you think?" You couldn't believe a group of girls were asking you to sit with them. You smiled and began to feel a lot better.
"Y-yes! I'm really glad I can sit with you gu-" The girl that asked you to sit with her began to laugh, and rolled her eyes.
"Come on, we'd NEVER invite a loser like you to sit with us! You should've known that," she then left you sitting in your desk, and you tried really hard to not break down in tears. 
Sighing, you began to sadly walk outside the classroom, thinking of a way to avoid lunch, and people like that girl. You didn't have anybody to sit with during lunch, so
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The Pianist | Nazi! Erwin x Jewish! Levi
Warsaw Poland, January 1941
 Even though It was a little depressing and had a melancholic color, the abandoned grey building shone a chance for shelter and a place to spend the cold January nights. With an injured ankle, Levi steadily walked his way over and felt relief at finding a temporary place to dwell. He felt like the most fortunate person in the world, being able to escape being sent to a concentration camp and still be alive. But he also felt like the most unfortunate person as well, the feeling of unfortunateness came from the fact that he can be killed any day, any time, and that he is starving, homeless and has no family left. 

Levi looked around the inside, and he sighed at the walls with multiple holes from previous battles between the Russians and Germans. He found his place to sleep for the night, the attic. He then began to look around the place hoping he'd find something, anything, to put in his grumbling stomach. He walked, and walked
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Physical check up | Doctor!Levi x Reader
Warning, may be pervy. Or not.
As you entered the clinic, you were greeted by a woman with ginger hair and eyes with glasses. She looked up and smiled at you.
"Hello and welcome to Survey Corps Clinic! How can I help you ma'am?" You took out a paper out your purse and handed it to the receptionist.
"I'm here for a check up," Your voice sounded a little croaky, like a frog trying to talk. She laughed under her breath, making you blush in embarrassment. She looked at it for a second before signing something, then gave the paper to another receptionist with short black hair sitting across her.
"Alright, I will call you when the doctors arrive, got it? For now, you may take a seat in the waiting room," Sighing, you sat down in one of the room's cold chairs.  
After a what seemed a long while, you heard a soft, feminine voice call you out.
"[Full name], we will be seeing you now," You saw the girl with the same short black hair. You stood up, and walked over to her. She
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Don't hurt yourself | Mikasa x Self harm!Reader
Warning, may be triggering for certain individuals.

Were the words that played all over your head, nonstop. You fell down leaning against the bathroom wall as the memories of when you came out to your parents came rushing back to your head. How bad and guilty you felt when they called you names, and said that they'd disown you.
You looked at your small blade, and pressed it against your wrist, whimpering as you felt the sharp blade pierce through across your skin. The fresh cut let out rivulets of crimson blood that dripped on the bathroom floor.
This one's for not being the perfect daughter my parents wanted me to be.
Memories of how some girls back at high school called you harsh things. How they would make your life miserable and wouldn't leave you alone. How they laughed at the lesbian jokes they made especially for you.
How nobody liked you.
You began to take off your clothes and went to the shower floor and let the wat
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Realization {Yandere!Levi x Reader x Erwin}
Part 1/2
You knocked on Levi's door, trying to hold back tears that were threatening to escape your eyes.  
"Name and business." Your heart began to beat harder when you heard his cold voice. The question hurt you a little, but you managed to answer it anyway.
"[y/n], and I need to talk to you Levi!" You heard his grunt of approval and entered his office. He didn't look up to see you. He would always do that, never paying you any attention. It was rare when he would actually look up to see you, but it wouldn't exactly be a warm look.
"[y/n], can't you see that I've got lots of paperwork to do?" He looked up annoyingly. Your heart froze, because in the beginning, you thought that Levi would break his protective shell a little bit if you tried to give him a little bit of compassion and love. In fact, Hanji asked you if you could help him out a bit.
But It didn't break his shell, not even one bit, but it was very strange because Levi was the one that asked you to be in a relat
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The Commander
The Scouting Legion is marching back home,
where the townspeople look down on them even more.
The Commander rides his horse down the street,  
leading his men whom where scarred and beat.  
His face was that of a stoic and calm expression,
But inside he was hurting and was sinking into depression.
He has led many to their death,
and he feels that life won't forgive him until his last breath.
His inner demons won't let him be,
and from the pain and regret his soul wants to flee.
At night,
the tormented commander hears his fallen soldiers whispers with all their might.
The whispers haunt him to no end,
causing him to loose his remaining sanity.
He can't even sleep,
because he sees the shadows of the dead in the deep.
In some nights, of peace and no more deaths he dreams,
but he would soon would wake up to screams,
for he dreamt of blood and corpses of his soldiers.
His mind slowly drained his sanity,
and he soon became mad.
The merciless past won't leave him alone.
And litt
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What are you doing? | Erwin x Reader
You were just laying in bed, reading a book you found on the floor of Commander Erwin's office. It really seemed to catch your attention for you to borrow it without permission.
"...he then kissed me in the neck, and I could feel his seductive hot breathing against my skin, making me shiver in delight..."
Your checks flared up to a shade of red. And the room was sort of hot, so it got worse. Heck, today was an extremely hot day.
'Oh Renald...' I sighed"
"Oh Erwin..." You closed your eyes and for a second you imagined you and Erwin together in his office, doing the same things as the characters in the novel.
You really liked books, especially romantic ones. Ever since you found out Erwin was a bookworm himself with lots of romance novels, He'd lend you one once in a while, but he started getting reluctant to let you borrow them for some reason. It was then when you fell for the handsome commander, admiring his intelligence and personality.
Just as when your imagination was about to get
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Mother, please don't leave me...
 My parents and i were happily walking in the deck of a cruise ship,
like if nothing in this world was wrong.
The sun was setting down, leaving the skies with a beautiful shade of orange and red.
I looked at the sea, then up to my mother, and she smiled her warm smile.
She was beautiful.
The wind teased her black curly hair,
and the shining sea made her eyes sparkle.
Then i looked at my father,
who has laid his big and gentle hand in my shoulder.
He looks down at me and smiles, and says,
'See that beautiful sea and sunset there? It's a view that i will always keep in my heart,
because we are in this beautiful place together.'
I smile, and mother joined in for a hug.
Nothing could break the happiness we all felt.
Suddenly, all the arguments i had with my parents dissolved,
all the times we have been angry at each other were gone,
but now all that was a distant thing of the past,
and inside my parents' embrace, all of the world's imperfections are forgotten.
My heart couldn't be any
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Blood Butler Short-Too many pet birds Lady Rosaly!
~Annabelle's POV~
Lady Rosaly and I were just walking by the Spanish markets. She had 4 bags of gold coins, but I was holding them for her. According to Rosaly, she wanted to buy a pet and some...apples.
"I'm going to buy a LOOOOOOT of apples!" Rosaly said, "and you are going to use the apples to make me apple pie, apple cake, apple pudding, apple juice, apple cookies, apple whine for my brothers, apple ect..." Her love and cravings for apples just never fails to end.
As I was walking, I saw a stand full of beautiful, exotic birds. Then I remembered Rosaly was also looking for a pet to buy. And apples.
"My Lady, there is a stand full of birds. Would you like to see if a bird would suit your likings as a pet?" Her eyes glittered.
"Anna, we're going to have a pet bird!" She also loved birds. I gave her 2 bags of gold coins.
"Well, I'll look for some apples for you. Be sure to choose your pet bird carefully!" And then I walked off deeper into the market.
With a cart i purchased to
:iconfadingsmile2000:FadingSmile2000 1 8
(Kuroshitsuji) Blood Butler Part 12
Claude has left back to London, leaving me this letter. After i sleepily served Rosaly's tea, i opened the letter up and read it to her. Leo walked in to the kitchen, and greeted her. His eyes were beaming. Leo is 17.
"Hmmm, another ball invitation over to the Trancy's this weekend?" She said, chewing on her cookies, "Not bad. I can't wait for it!" She drank her tea, and left to the stables with Leo for her morning ride.
As i was helping Sterling and Fernando(the eldest triplet) prepare Rosaly's lunch, a question popped in my mind.  Why am i very emotional? I'm a demon and a vampire, but have too many feelings! Almost as a...human!
I excused myself and walked in to Papa's office, and stopped him from doing his paper work. I remember when i was younger, when i actually had a personality, going in to Papa's office and talk to him for hours. I was quite the shy and emotional child, always quiet and shy, but talkative with papa. Papa was German, so i'm not exactly a pure breeded person. I'
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(Kuroshitsuji) Blood Butler-Part 11
Now that i knew the past lives of the Thunderhill household, i felt sorry for them. But sometimes i ask myself...why do i have so many feelings when i am supposed to be an emotionless demon vampire? Probably papa will be the only one that will answer me.
As i was helping Teresa wash dishes, out of nowhere, i heard the clicks of heels on the floor getting closer and louder.
"ANNABELLEEEEEEEE!!!!" Rosaly came running to me, panting. That Rosaly...always running around in her high heels can twist her thin ankles. Not like it wasn't a new thing anyway. She was holding a letter in her hands.
"Anna, guess what? I got a letter from Alois saying that he and Claude will come for tea and stay for the weekend!" I smirked, and right after Rosaly saw that, she burst out laughing. I knew why.
"Ok Annabelle, it's settled then." Then she stopped laughing for a moment. "But PLEASE, please be quiet in the night, ok? I know you miss Claude and all, but please...keep it quiet, alright?" Then she continued
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(Kuroshitsuji)Blood Butler-Part10 Bonus Chapter #2
And, what about you, Crimson?" Rosaly sighted, as if wanting more, "if it's alright?" Crimson looked down her skirt, then embraced her hair, as if it was something she treasured so much.
"Well," she started off, "you know i have short, sort of boyish hair, right?" She sighted.
~~~~~Crimson's Past~~~~~
"Crimson...i have news for you, and you better take it seriously!" Crimson stopped writing in her notebook and looked at her mother. Her mother looked very worried.
"What's wrong mother? And..." Crimson looked behind her, "where's daddy?" Her mother, who began to sob, sat Crimson down.
"Look sweetie..." Her mother sobbed, "your father was forced to join the war against Spain. He couldn't reveal that he was a grim reaper. Unless he gets his head cut off denying the order from the queen of England, he had to join the war." She wiped her eyes.
Crimson started to play with her long, knee long hair, which she always did when she was nervous or upset. She took of her glasses, and threw them at
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Ciel's Blood. by FadingSmile2000 Ciel's Blood. :iconfadingsmile2000:FadingSmile2000 7 16
(Kuroshitsuji)Blood Butler-Part10 Bonus Chapter #1
It has been 2 days since Sabrina took Crimson to reap souls so far. As i was helping Rosaly up her horse, Esperanza, Crimson came out of nowhere. Rosaly jumped off the horse, and ran to her giving her a bear hug. Crimson hugged her back with a huge smile.
"Welcome back Crimmy!" She giggled, "Oh, how i missed you. I thought you were never going to come back!" Crimson laughed.
"Hey, you still call me Crimmy, little one?" She laughed. "I missed you too." She looked at me. "And i sure missed this hot lady!" She winked at me, as i blushed with embarrassment.
"A welcome back from me too, Crimson. How was soul reaping?" She blushed red.
"Oh, that Sabrina...! She is the love of my life. Oh, how dreamy she is when she pulls my hair and ears and kicks me in the face!" She began to giggle. "She also has the finest features..." Rosaly shrugged, laughing. Then she looked at me with her beautiful golden eyes.
"Hey Anna, i have a request. Mind completing it for me?" I smiled.
"Of course master, What
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Sebastian outfits xD by namisiaa Sebastian outfits xD :iconnamisiaa:namisiaa 92 19 Sebastian in pink by namisiaa Sebastian in pink :iconnamisiaa:namisiaa 70 12 wild thing by IZRA wild thing :iconizra:IZRA 438 26 Supportive Champions by AssortedA-Art Supportive Champions :iconassorteda-art:AssortedA-Art 139 9 BOTW - Dear Sister by DyraDoodles BOTW - Dear Sister :icondyradoodles:DyraDoodles 255 31 Zelda,Mipha(BOTW ver) by Limdog Zelda,Mipha(BOTW ver) :iconlimdog:Limdog 592 22 Mipha and Sidon by MaskedGolem Mipha and Sidon :iconmaskedgolem:MaskedGolem 453 17
Ike x Link Gift Oneshot
Pinchy Pinchy
By: Midnight-san, Queen of Link x Pit
Link and Pit stood in the second floor hallway of Smash Manor while they waited for Roy to hurry his ass up and come out of his room so they could make it to their training session on time.
Apparently, Roy had a last minute wardrobe malfunction and made a beeline straight for his room to change for what seemed like the 100th time that day.
Oh, and when I say “wardrobe malfunction,” I mean that he had a teeny-tiny muffin crumb on his tunic.
Link didn’t mind Roy’s constant wardrobe faux pas, but it pissed Pit off to no end, and he sometimes wondered if the red-head did it just to see the white angel mad.
“Come on, Pit, you can’t be mad at Roy for wanting to look nice and presentable…”
Pit scoffed at Link defending the flame swordsman, “Nice and presentable my ass. He’s obsessed with his looks and always has to look absolutely perfect or he’ll act like the sky
:iconmidnightcrystalsage:MidnightCrystalSage 27 76
Edward Scissorhands fan art by MichaelChoiArt Edward Scissorhands fan art :iconmichaelchoiart:MichaelChoiArt 390 29 The Legend of Zelda - Puppet Link by Rei-Suzuki The Legend of Zelda - Puppet Link :iconrei-suzuki:Rei-Suzuki 203 31 Legend of Zelda - Link in Boxers by AquaWaters Legend of Zelda - Link in Boxers :iconaquawaters:AquaWaters 268 27 Wake up by AngelofHapiness Wake up :iconangelofhapiness:AngelofHapiness 225 254 HMD: So Our Song by stupit-apit HMD: So Our Song :iconstupit-apit:stupit-apit 123 26 MarthRoy : Please don't leave by cuddle-meee MarthRoy : Please don't leave :iconcuddle-meee:cuddle-meee 404 76 Cloud Strife (Too Hot for Miiverse) by Shadowespurr96 Cloud Strife (Too Hot for Miiverse) :iconshadowespurr96:Shadowespurr96 6 1 As In Love With You As I Am by Oxidization00 As In Love With You As I Am :iconoxidization00:Oxidization00 58 9


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Hey! How are all of you? I'm sorry we haven't spoken in a while. It's been a very long time and I mean a LONG time since I've logged on. Months. The truth behind the loong break And the terror of realizing I now have 3 fanfictions to start working on, but that's not the case. I've been distracted from ongoing events, family, school, and other things. I realized that I haven't reached out to anybody here, and I'm sorry for that. I hope you remember me ;v; :iconforeveraloneplz: If not, that's ok ^^ I hope I'm still friends with some of the wonderful people of DA here :heart: 

Still...I wonder if anyone still remembers me .-. <sub wytiwyg="1">


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